Crockpot Bone Broth

Crockpot Bone BrothFor those of you who hate to have a big pot on the stove for long periods of time, crock pot bone broth is a great solution. Besides saving space it’s a good way to cook those bones for a longer time than you would have the patience to do on the stove. You can even start your broth right before you go to bed and not worry about catching the house on fire. And, during times when it’s warm, the crock pot won’t heat up your kitchen.

Bone broth takes a long time to cool and starting a crock pot in the evening (beginning on high and lowering when you go to bed) ensures that it will be cool enough to refrigerate or freeze the next day. Sometimes I add so many bones and vegetables that’s its really concentrated since my crock pot is a bit smaller than my stock pot. When that happens I either transfer the contents to the stock pot in the morning with more water and simmer for a few hours or just jar up once it cools and know that the bone broth is double strength, and water can be added to it when it’s time to eat.

BoneBrothVeggiesThe ingredients take me about five minutes to get into the pot. Take all the bones you have been freezing and toss them in the bottom. Add all the onion skins you have been saving in plastic containers or bags in your refrigerator.  Onion skins add lots of nutrients and flavor to your broth. Add another onion or celery or hot pepper or whatever you like, some salt and a splash of vinegar to break bones down. Cover with water and cook. Add herbs at the beginning, middle, or end of the process, depending on preference.  Click here for our full bone broth recipe post.

Let broth cool, strain, and store in glass jars. I actually nibble on the cooked celery and bits of chicken or beef or lamb that came off the bones for a little snack when I’m straining the stock. If there is a fair amount of meat left after straining (and after removing the bones and large pieces of onion skins)  I also combine this cooked down meat and vegetable mixture with kimchi and cabbage and eat in lettuce wraps. It’s delicious, and a good way not to waste food.
Crockpot Bone Broth Kimchi
For individual servings of broth I use the marinated artichoke jars from Trader Joe’s. They also come in handy when I need only a cup or two of broth like for our  Leek & Coriander meatballs or for another sauce.


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