Cauliflower Rice with Turmeric

Good bye to cauliflower mashed potatoes, say hello to cauliflower rice. It’s everywhere! Ours is made with leeks and turmeric (and curry) for added nutrients, helping to create a more flavorful winter warmth.  You can include chopped toasted almonds when serving as a leftover.
Turmeric is one of the main spices in curry and gives curry its color. Often touted as a super food, turmeric’s health benefits may also include reducing pain associated with osteoarthritis. See National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health Website.


 Slice leek into 1/4 inch rounds, using some of the green portion so not to waste and create color and texture. Give onion a medium to fine chop. Add both to pan with turmeric, curry and 1 tablespoon olive oil (oil on pan bottom with turmeric and curry on top of leek/onion mixture).

Begin saute on medium heat. Add 1 more tablespoon of olive oil. Continue cooking on medium-low for about 5-8 minutes to incorporate.
CauliflowerRice_3Break cauliflower into florets and place in Cuisinart or give a fairly fine chop. Add to pan, and continue cooking on medium-low for about five minutes until the cauliflower begins to turn color.CauliflowerRice_4Pour in 1/4 cup stock, broth, or water and cook an additional few minutes until desired consistency.  Salt to taste.