Eggplant Sandwich with Roasted Aioli

Thomas' Eggplant Sandwich
Eggplant and Aioli Sandwich
 Leaving grains and carbs to embrace a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to entirely eschew the delights of a delicious sandwich. Toasted eggplant rounds are such versatile, delicious inventions that can stand-in for all sorts of higher-carb, less loving-you food. Use our technique for toasted eggplant to make the “bread” component in this delicious sandwich recipe.


Turn broiler on if making Roasted Aioli.

Remove arugula and roast beef or turkey from refrigerator and separate arugula leaves and  meat slices so they come to room temperature.

Slice eggplant into 2/3 inch rounds and toast according to directions in technique section (I use a slightly thicker slice, up to 3/4 inch, when using eggplant for sandwiches); omit brushing with olive oil when toasting complete. Cool completely on wire rack.

While eggplant cooling, slice a sweet pepper into narrow strips and sauté briefly; remove from heat.

Roasted Zucchine 1Slice zucchini in half and place on a piece of aluminum foil inside a small cast iron pan. Broil on an upper rack in oven, turning zucchini every few minutes as each side darkens. Remove and let cool. While charring zucchini, soften dried roasted tomatoes in a bit of broth or water. Eggplant Sandwich Tomatoes

Scoop out cooked zucchini from charred skin and add to food processor along with softened tomatoes. Pulse mixture several times in the processor. Roasted Zucchini for Aioli

Begin adding small amounts of olive oil while motor running until the desired consistency is achieved–it should be spreadable like a mayonnaise. Add juice from a small lemon and a clove or two of fresh garlic to taste. Finish with salt and pepper.

Zucchini Aioli Redo
Spread aioli on one or both sides of eggplant rounds before assembling sandwich.