Deviled Eggs with Greek Yogurt and Radish

Deviled Eggs PlatedEach spring and summer, deviled eggs seem to appear. Last year, when Easter and Passover were only days apart, we attempted to find a recipe that would work without the mayonnaise, and we’ve been making this one ever since. The secret: Greek yogurt for extra protein, daikon (or regular) radish, red onion, and a splash of caper juice or vinegar. And finally, the traditional chopped fresh dill.

Bobby Flay’s Crab Deviled Egg recipe was the inspiration, but we wanted ours lighter, brighter, and less expensive. These eggs will be tangy with a bit of crisp contrast. For those of you craving a bacon experience with your eggs, a little piece of cooked happy-pig bacon poking into the yoke mixture provides a great salty and crunchy addition.

Hard boil 10-12 eggs by placing in a pan (not too crowded), covering with cold water and bringing to a light boil. Immediately turn off the heat when boil is reached and cover pan, setting timer for 13 minutes for large eggs; 14 minutes for extra large. Run under cold water when finished cooking, adding a few ice cubes to help cooling. Once cooled, remove shells, and chill for 30 minutes if you have time.

If you are adding bacon, cook now until pieces are fairly crisp. This is a small accent so don’t overdo it—3 slices for 12 eggs is plenty!

While eggs are cooking, finely diced red onion. Give a light peel or good scrub to the daikon radish (they are long and white and about 2 inches in diameter) and finely dice. Use regular radish if you can’t find a daikon, and just chop into small very pieces without peeling.

Chop dill and set aside.

Carefully cut eggs in half trying not to tear the whites, and place yolks in a large bowl. Add the Greek yogurt and combine, mashing up yolks with your fork. Add the chopped onion, radish, and the mustard, and mix together. Carefully add the caper juice or wine vinegar, starting with one tablespoon, until the desired consistency is reached. Mix in the dill and season to taste with salt and pepper. Adjust with more vinegar or caper juice, if needed for brightness.
Deviled Eggs Filling.jpg

Fill the egg whites—they will be quite mounded since extra ingredients have been added; you may have leftover filling. Spread on plate and dust with smoked paprika (do not add the paprika to the egg mixture as you incorporate ingredients or it will muddy the color). Garnish with leftover dill, if desired.