Diane K

Diane Before and AfterI thought I was pretty on top of the latest information when it came to food – In response to some past health challenges, I researched anti-inflammatory diets– and gave up dairy, sugar, alcohol and seriously limited wheat. Those efforts, happily, eliminated my frequent sinus infections and low immunity issues. I even lost some weight, but, no matter how hard I tried, or how “healthy” I ate, I could NOT lose weight past a certain threshold. I was stuck. Utterly frustrated, I decided to seek the help of a food coach. Through some friends, I heard about The Queen Anne Diet and decided to give Vicki a call.

Working with Vicki was like putting a golden key in a rusted lock! She is wildly well-read and has a current, up-to- date understanding of food science. She is very dedicated to her work, which shows in every interaction. She was responsive to all my needs and questions and was generous with her time and considerable resources. She was able to help me understand why, what worked in my 30’s and 40’s, suddenly did not work in my 50’s in regards to overall health and weight loss. And she gave me data to back it up. She celebrated with me when I succeeded and was inspiring and supportive when the road was hard. Working with Vicki is fun! She is empathetic and realistic while firmly holding the line on what works.

On her first visit, she peered into the cupboards and refrigerator to assess what we were currently eating (she was looking for greens, but she didn’t find many at the time), she cooked with me (!), provided outstanding recipes tested in her own kitchen, and met with me weekly to help me chart my progress and provide guidance on healthy eating. It was important to me to reach a healthy body weight and then set about maintaining that weight into perpetuity. I wanted to eat food that tasted good and was good for me. Vicki helped me solve that puzzle. She helped me integrate a new food philosophy into my life. I’m very pleased about how I look and feel AND as a bonus, my husband has lost weight and looks great too (he eats whatever I cook!) We are both deeply grateful to Vicki!

Vicki’s website http://www.thequeenannediet.com is a continually updated, indispensable resource to the process. She reviews books, provides new recipes and tackles the tough questions we all ask about healthy eating. I would highly recommend working with Vicki– why not eat good food and have fun doing it?