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“Since retiring as an orthopedic surgeon over a year ago, two of the things on my bucket list were to increase my culinary knowledge and expertise as well as to become more physically fit. I have been cooking with Vicki since that time as I try to get back into shape. She has shown me how to get the most flavor and nutrition from my food while still cutting carbs. By grilling and roasting vegetables and toasting spices, I can do without nearly as much pasta. The breakfast bowl of my beloved muesli has been replaced with plain yogurt, a light sprinkling of muesli, and a bit of fresh fruit. Lunches of sandwiches and chips have become soups and salads.  Vicki has inspired me with her recipes and techniques. She’s knowledgeable, passionate, and we have great fun preparing meals. I am convinced that the recent improvements to my physique are a result of better foods that I eat as much as time spent at the gym.”       ~Jay