Tzatziki with Kick

Tziki_bwlCool and refreshing with a bit of zip and filled solely with nutritional goodness, consider making a batch of tzatziki to go with fish, vegetables, or just as a flavorful textured yogurt with a taste unlike anything you can buy at the grocery store. We like it best paired with our with cilantro salmon cakes.


Chop the red onion and set aside. Chop English cucumber into small pieces (without peeling—skin is edible and full of fiber and nutrients!). Zest one lemon, setting zest aside; if you didn’t get much zest, then do the second lemon.

Juice both lemons, even if they have been zested. It will work fine in this order (you cannot juice and then zest very easily, or at all).

Remove stems from dill and give a coarse chop, and place in food processor. Seed the poblano pepper and cut into chunks and also place it in food processor. Pulse with on-off method.
Tziki_foodprocessorThey should be chopped in small pieces as indicated below (you may leave in the food processor though).
Tziki_peppers_parsleyAdd 2-3 cups Greek yogurt to food processor with the dill and peppers. Use on-off pulse method until incorporated. Add the lemon zest, lemon juice, and onions (not the cucumber!) and pulse a few more times. Add salt and pepper to taste. Remove tzatziki from food processor and place in a bowl and mix in cucumbers by hand. Add more salt or pepper, if needed. Refrigerate for an hour (assuming time permits). Stir again before serving–the Greek yogurt thins out a bit over time as the cucumbers release their moisture. It’s even better the second day.
Tziki plain