KarenI was introduced to the Queen Anne diet in the fall of 2016. It happened to be right before Halloween. To put things in perspective, I ate sugar on a regular basis, I was pre-diabetic and we get hundreds of trick-or-treaters on Halloween. I am proud to say, with the coaching, cheerleading and support from Vicki, I did the unimaginable and got through Halloween, and the days that followed, without eating any sugar.

I am continuing to change my eating habits with Vicki’s support and the help of the Queenannediet. Vicki not only provided cooking lessons, met with me and gave lots of ideas for recipes, she also gave me the scientific background to motivate me to change my habits. The website is extremely rich in information.

I have never been a very enthusiastic cook, but I am looking forward to cooking more and more. My husband and I look at the queenannediet before we go grocery shopping. I am now using a slow cooker and Cuisinart for the first time. I am actually looking forward to trying some of the recipes. Bone broth is my next new adventure.

Eating more intentionally and with better options, I find I’m not as hungry during the day. It’s continually easier for me to bypass sweet options. I also have a significant gluten intolerance and now have multiple nutritious cooking options with Vicki’s recipes. I’m grateful for Vicki’s work and care and her willingness to share her wisdom.