Stacya Before and After 2

I’ve struggled my whole life with sugar cravings. I had successfully cut out sugar for a year or so at a time, but it never lasted. I didn’t understand the larger issues of the glycemic index of foods and the relationship of fatigue and what you eat. I had an undiagnosed under-active thyroid disorder, and not only had I put on weight, I was also in a cycle of using sugar for short term energy boosts which left me even more tired and cranky.
I was gaining weight, not sleeping well, and eating on the run.
Since working with Vicki, I’ve managed to stay completely sugar free for over two years. I understand now that it isn’t just actual sugar, but all foods that elevate blood sugar (white potatoes, corn, fruit) can trigger cravings and fatigue. I have learned to cook recipes from the Queen Anne Diet, making food in batches and freezing meals so I don’t end up eating food not on my plan. Besides my endocrinologist, Vicki has had the largest impact on my overall health and well being.
Stacya Down Dog
Stacya on her 52nd birthday, two years sugar-free.