Mustard Greens

Greens_MustardThere are numerous types of mustard greens which can vary in color and levels of flavor bite. Cooking removes some the sharpness and intensity.  They are delicious when paired with other greens or with sautéed onions. Store in an air-tight plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Like collard greens, cooked mustard greens have excellent cholesterol-lowering properties (I sauté mine).  This reduction occurs in the digestive tract where bile acid, which is made from cholesterol, binds with the mustard greens.  It is the binding properties of mustard greens (which rank second only to collard) that facilitate the reduction.

Mustard greens contain high levels of cancer-preventative phytonutrients, glucosinolates.  They also contain high levels of Vitamins C, E,  A, and manganese which are well-known anti-oxidant nutrients. These greens provide what research has shown to be an important anti-inflammatory nutrient, Vitamin K.