DianeFollowing the Queen Anne Diet has been very rewarding. By adhering to the few simple guidelines, I’ve successfully lost weight, belly bloat and best of all, those sugar cravings!   I don’t really think of it as a “diet,” but more as a way of eating.  The recipes are delicious and most of all, very satisfying.  There’s no deprivation, calorie counting or point counting!  I’ve finally found a way to eat that is satisfying AND will keep me lean.

As the Queen Anne Diet coach, Vicki has been instrumental in helping me reach my goals.  She is extremely knowledgeable about food and its effects on the body and has helped me understand the basic tenants of sugar-free, healthy eating.  Her personal touch and passion is admirable.   She showed me cooking techniques that I’ve since been able to reproduce on my own, even as a novice cook.  Using her recipes, I’ve elevated my meals to a new delicious high! The recipes are super tasty and most of all, extremely satisfying.  I’m genuinely enjoying my new way of eating and the weight has come off fairly effortlessly.   Vicki is a wonderful diet and life coach.