Caesar Salad Hors D’oevre

Ceasar saladWhether you are standing at a kitchen counter with friends or sitting around a coffee table watching sports, fresh crispy leaves of romaine dabbed with Caesar dressing is fun to eat! Our classic dressing omits the raw egg (which people like me with autoimmune diseases need to avoid) but contains all the other traditional ingredients that give a Caesar its kick–mustard, lemon, grated parmesan, and yes, anchovies. They are essential–ask Chef Anne Burrell. And rest assured that they will go unnoticed even by those who shy away from anything an anchovy has touched.

Caesar Salad was actually named after a chef in Tijuana and is supposed to be eaten with just the end of the romaine spread with the dressing. Place a little dollop at the base of a leaf and then give the crunchy, freshly-washed green a BIG CHOMP. The flavor of the dressing is enhanced when every inch of the romaine isn’t slathered in dressing. Taste the green. Taste the dressing. Repeat on the second half of the leaf. No bread, crackers, or croutons required!

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Place all ingredients, except olive oil in Cuisinart and mix until incorporated, then add olive oil while machine is running until dressing reaches a smooth consistency. Taste, and add pepper and salt if necessary. Adjust with more oil or lemon if required. Shave a touch of parmesan over the leaves when serving.