Roast Whole Garlic On Every Sheet Pan

Roasted Garlic HeadsThe potential therapeutic and medicinal properties of garlic go back to ancient times. It is used in cuisines from almost every part of the world. Garlic is a member of the allium family which also includes onions, leeks and chives–all nutrient-dense flavor enhancers filled with antioxidants. Some of the recent medicinal benefits that have been discovered and associated with garlic are in the areas of cardiovascular function and anti-cancer or tumor retardation, as referenced in this National Institute of Health article.

Trader Joe’s sells two organic garlic heads in mesh netting for $1.49. They keep nicely in their original packaging (to keep the air circulating) when stored in a cool, dark place for up to a month. Mine never lasts that long because I routinely roast them, or add cloves to broths, sauces, soups, sautéed greens, main dishes, or press them into salad dressings. Most recipes on this site include garlic, for good reason. It’s delicious, affordable, and excellent for your health.

Roasted Garlic Heads Sheetpan 2DIRECTIONS FOR ROASTING:
When turning your oven on to roast vegetables, add two or more whole, unpeeled cloves to the sheet pan and brush completely with olive oil. If you are roasting at about 375 degrees and have a long stem, watch that the stem doesn’t get too brown. Whole garlic of medium size will roast nicely at this temperature in about 25-30 minutes, the time it will take to roast your other vegetables. You will be able to feel that the cloves are softened when you squeeze the head.

I store roasted heads in a sealed container or zip lock bag in the refrigerator for a week–they rarely last that long since they are so delicious.

I add the roasted cloves (squish them out of their skin after slicing off the top) to dishes or broths and sauces when a milder, deeper flavor is desired. I also snack on the roasted cloves just plain some days–they are a bit sweet and have a very warming, satisfying flavor!