Favorite Snack: English Cucumber and Salt Flakes

Cukes and Salt.jpgI like to munch, most all of the time. On days I work from home, I rarely go more than an hour without a bite. One of my very favorite nibble-through-the-afternoon snacks is an English cucumber (remember to buy organic since you don’t have to peel them), covered with salt flakes. English cucumbers are longer and more slender than regular ones, with slightly ribbed, non-bitter tasting skin.

Try slicing up about half of a cucumber on the cutting board, salt thoroughly, and leave it sitting out until it disappears. Both refreshing and a bit filling because of the fiber in the peel, it’s fun to eat and is a very inexpensive healthful snack. Trader Joe’s keeps the organic English cucumbers in stock all the time, at least in the Seattle stores.

Salt flakes are a nice touch and worth the splurge. Most good grocery stores will carry Maldon, my favorite. It’s taste is milder than most salt and the texture of the flake as it sits on the smooth cucumber slices makes a great combination.

Pack the cucumber slices, salted, in a travel tub to take to work and eat at your desk or on a break. They are beautiful, non-greasy, and have a faint but delightful scent. Leave them out and offer a slice to your friends–far kinder treat to share than M & Ms.Cukes and Salt Just Cukes

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