My Best Holiday Gift Ever

Cuisinart_productTo many it seems excessive and it looks large. Or complicated. Clients ask, “But what about what about the blender I have, or the juicer, or the spiralizer? Won’t those do?” There is no substitute for a Cuisinart food processor. Buy no other brand–theirs lasts forever and is perfectly designed. I received mine for Christmas before my first son was born over 30 years ago and I use it every day. Leave it on your counter and incorporate it into your cooking routine. Cuisinarts are key to easy preparation, good health, and more vegetables.

The 7-cup model is perfect for one or two people who don’t have big crowds over for company. I do larger meals and prefer the 11-cup so I can make double batches even if only my husband and I are at home. It’s just as easy to make a little more and freeze it for another night or pass it along to a friend on a busy weeknight. They are simple to wash or wipe out. Since most of my usage is for vegetables, it rarely goes in the dishwasher and can be cleaned up in a minute. Cuisinarts come with easy circular attachments that also allow you to grate and make thin slices with no counter mess since it is done right in the bowl.

Macy’s carries a good selection of Cuisinarts that are usually on sale during the month of December. Although it is expensive gift, it can become a time-saving kitchen workhorse for you.

Cuisinarts also allow you to effortlessly make new dishes you otherwise might shy away from. Be inspired–make a  commitment to preparing more food at home in 2017! You will save money in the long run, and it will help you keep off those extra restaurant-meal pounds.

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