Top Off Your Toast (Our Queen Anne House Bread)

New Toast PicI’ve never understood those people who skip breakfast. Really?  How do you fuel your mind and body throughout the morning with last night’s dinner? Studies consistently show that people who miss breakfast are more likely to be overweight, probably because when you are not topped off with healthy food you make poor nutrition choices and often overeat.

A slice of our QA House Bread after a morning workout is unbelievably satisfying due to its high protein (more protein than carbs) and fat content—tons of seeds, tahini, and olive oil.  Add a little extra nutrition with a nut butter, egg, ricotta and tomatoes, or avocado. The bread holds together well enough for travel, so eat half for breakfast and pack up the other half to put in the refrigerator as an afternoon snack at work.

It’s also delicious grilled with a gooier egg on top for a weekend meal while lounging at home. When you want bread, eat this one. Bake a loaf and save half in the freezer, or share with a friend. It’s a great reward and nice break from yogurt and nuts (my go-to breakfast).

Or if it’s just toast and butter you want on occasion, have at it!
Bread with Butter


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