Toast Seeds and Nuts for Extra Flavor

SeedsOne-two minutes of active time and 5-10 minutes in a warm oven is all it takes. I do mine in the evening after I’ve had the oven on for dinner. If you think the dry-roasted almonds from Trader Joe’s are just the same, then I challenge you to  toasting. BTW, I’ve bought countless bags of those, but not any longer.

I do seeds and nuts at 350 degrees and watch very closely. CHECK PROGRESS AFTER 5 MINUTES ESPECIALLY FOR RAW PUMPKIN SEEDS. Give them a shake on the pan and taste a seed or nut for doneness—they will continue to cook  tiny bit more even out of oven. Pumpkin seeds might be done in 6 minutes and Trader Joe’s raw almonds in about 9-10 minutes in my oven.

Our Queen Anne Bread uses both raw and toasted pumpkin seeds. The high seed content contributes to the loaf’s flavor and texture and  high protein content (more protein than carbs).
Bread Half Loaf


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