Roasted Onion Rounds– Tasty and Nutritious

Roasted Onion RoundsThere are little things we can use to finish company dishes that add to the festive nature and beauty of the meal and improve nutrition. Here is an easy one! You can do a few hours ahead since they don’t need to be served warm. Add a touch of salt, they are delicious!!

Slice red onion into rounds, brush lightly with olive oil (not too much but covering to the edges of the rounds) and roast on parchment, flipping once to get that nice caramel color. You can remove the outside skin after you slice into rounds—it comes off easier that way, or even leave it on—it unfurls like outside petals of a real bud as it bakes. Then remove, if desired.

I roast mine at 375-400 degrees for about 20 minutes and flip for another 10 minutes. Take care when flipping and removing from the pan so the florets hold together. I use a tiny spatula, but many utensils will work just fine. Keep an eye on them since they can burn. Finish with a touch of salt.

Yellow, White, Red Onions LongOnions are one of the very best anti-inflammatory that come out of the ground—even more so than kale or mustard greens. The only plants with higher anti-inflammatory properties are foods likes turmeric, garlic, ginger and hot chili peppers. Check out Monica Reinagel’s Inflammatory Index. Monica was lead nutritionist for SelfNutrition Data website and her “Nutrition Diva” podcast has 18 million downloads.

The complete Inflammatory Index Rating System,85 pages of whole foods, “has been hailed as the most sophisticated approach to date for predicting the inflammatory effects of food.” Download the index for $5 on Monica’s site, It is an illuminating resource!


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