Vinegar: the magic ingredient

Vinegar Bottles
From left to right: Katz Late Harvest Vinegar Agro Dolce Queen Anne Olive Oil Co. Red Apple Balsamic Queen Anne OO Co. Pomegranate-Quince White Balsamic Red Apple Balsamic (small bottle for dispensing & fitting in cupboard) Figue-fig vinegar QA OO Co. Black Mission Fig Balsamic QA OO Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Lucini savory fig Balsalmic Jean-Marc Montegottero – vinaigre de cidre Trader Joe’s Balsamic vinegar Eden Organic Brown Rice Vinegar

You know vinegar as the pert part of pickles or a sign that wine has gone “off”– but vinegar does so much more than that. Use it as a base for a sauce or a dressing and pour a bit in a finished dish to balance and brighten flavors.

Once you start adding a splish here and a splash there you may find that just one flavor of vinegar will do– or perhaps you’ll cultivate a collection .


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